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Increase Your Work Capacity

Add up to 40 LBS to workouts for increased difficulty.

Performance with Superior Comfort

The Uncommon Weight Vest allows full range of motion, so go ahead and enjoy your functional movements without restrictions

Turn up the level of intensity

Keep workouts constantly varied with the Uncommon Weight Vest


Fitness, Relaxing or Saving the world are all possible while wearing these shorts.  

- Full 2" elastic waistband with inner draw cord for comfort and secure                     

- Breathable 4-way stretch body

- Two pockets 

- Two 3" side slits

- Two Color options to choose from

-Women's styles available 

Did we mention they are great for swimming?

Made In USA

We proudly only use American Made products......Except for the hats. Tell us where we can find caps made in the US and we will give you a foreign cap.

Veteran Owned and Operated

We served in the Big War as I tell my sons. Which really means Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Giving Back

The Proceeds from every Uncommon Breed item sold goes towards supporting charities who honor and help the selfless heroes (Uncommon Breed) of our society.

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