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Team Uncommon
A collective of athletes who perform uncommonly well in their respective sports, but also have proven themselves as leaders.  Think you have what it takes to be on the Team? Contact
Zach Filer: Athlete/Advocate 
Zach has been training athletes for over 10 years, and has been an athlete his whole life. 
For most of of those 10 plus years in the training industry, Zach has been running CrossFit gyms, including his current facility NorthWest Strength and Performance. After a short internship under Jeff Martone, Zach became a lead instructor for the CrossFit Kettlebell Speciality Course and is now the Chief of Programming for the course.
As an athlete, Zach has competed in many athletic outlets including CrossFit, grappling, kettlebell sport lifting and a number of other strength sports. He believes a good coach should always try and lead from the front in all aspects of what they do. And it's not uncommon to find Zach performing any number of old school circus-like strength challenges. He likes to call this being "oddly strong at strange things," and it never lacks entertainment. 
Zach has most recently taken on what he sees as the next step in his development as an athlete and mentor/coach: becoming a public Advocate for Mental Health Awareness. Zach has lived with Borderline Personality Disorder for half his life, and has now taken to the front lines to show others that you can be an athlete, coach and successful  business owner while dealing with a "Mental Illness".
Zach has found the benefits of physical culture and education as a linchpin in some of the hardest times of his life and has even created a support group called LiveForward to help those who may be in need.
Zach wanted to end this bio with his thoughts and feeling on being an athlete/advocate for the The Uncommon Breed: 
"I've been in the game a long time. I've also known Ryan and what he's been doing with the UCB for awhile now. It's rare to find genuine people out there with a vision, and Ryan is one of those people. Any brand that is dedicated to remembering their fallen friends and going out there and Living an Uncommon Life is a brand I want to be associated with and one I am proud to represent."