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Uncommon Weighted Vest 2.0

$ 229.99


Be comfortable while suffering through weighted workouts with the Uncommon Weighted Vest 2.0. The Uncommon Weighted Vest 2.0 is the product of great feedback from athletes who have been trusted customers and users of our Original Vest. Shoulder pads come standard with this model as does the extra padding on the inside of the vest. The overall design has been slimmed down and redesigned to give the athlete a superior fit. Now enjoy all your forms of fitness with a great range of motion.

Did we mention it is proudly made in the USA? 


Size - One size fits most 

Weight - 20 or 40 pounds

Material - Abrasion resistant 500D nylon

Pockets - 4 pockets 2 front and 2 back 

*physical training use only, non ballistic

*email for bulk pricing 

 *Uncommon Breed can not be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from use of the vest


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