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Weighted Vest

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Upgrade your original Uncommon Weighted Vest with the Modular Shoulder Pads. Features Size - One size fits most Weight - .2 PoundsMaterial - 500D Cordura

$ 19.00

Take your Uncommon Weighted Vest down a size with these smaller waist straps. The SWS are sold in a set of 2 and are 15 inches in length. They are 2 Inches less than the normal size waist straps that come standard with the Uncommon Weighted Vest (UWV). Great for smaller or younger athletes. Features Size - One size fits...

Sold Out

  Be comfortable while suffering through weighted workouts with the Uncommon Weighted Vest 2.0. The Uncommon Weighted Vest 2.0 is the product of great feedback from athletes who have been trusted customers and users of our Original Vest. Shoulder pads come standard with this model as does the extra padding on the inside of the vest. The overall design has been slimmed down...