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This month, my son is home. He recently graduated from basic training in San Diego, California, as a United States Marine. I cannot, nor would I ever think that it would be possible to, convey to you how wonderful this feeling is, unless you have gone through it yourself. I was not prepared. Big surprise, right? That is not really my strong suit – being prepared. I am more of an adapt, overcome, and improvise guy, with a strong attention to the later.


I can close my eyes right now, and remember every moment of that trip. Every moment. I saw him in greater detail that day, than any day besides his birth. Tall, rigid, transformed. Uniform wielding, American flag protecting, fire bearer. A pride smiling through his face, beaming, as if he was now custodian to a secret that most will never know. It was hard to let go. Still is. To see my boy, transform into a young man. It is both a feeling of great sorrow, and great happiness - funny how well those two coincide.


My oldest three boys have all grown into such fine young men. And we need fine young men and women, because this is such a unique society that they are coming up in. We need intelligent, fire forged, warrior poets. We need, as a country, and as a world, people who have seen trials and tribulations; no, that does not include having to wait for your iPhone upgrade an extra year, or getting upset because things didn’t go your way in an election, or on the Bachelor.


No. I mean emotionally intelligent persons, who have had to stare in the tunnel and find their way back from darkness. Persons who have had to overcome truly great obstacles in life, and who can look at a situation with calm poise, cool intelligence, and a warm, empathetic, heart. Because, frankly, the last class of humans has a lot to be wanting for.


We need humans that are going to stare at a pile of burning tires, fire as high as the walls of a house, and say, without pause or trepidation, I can get over that. We need humans who can pick up the fallen, and run to the next objective, and then go back for another round. We need humans who can see past the tip of their own nose, and realize that there is a bigger picture, a larger world, you know – cause and effect. We need human beings that are Uncommon.


Are you Uncommon, or are you just…whatever the other thing is?


Hard times make hard people. Live Uncommon.

  • February 06, 2017
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