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The Great Outdoors

I guess most days, I’m just trying to get this thing called life figured out. I keep hoping one day I will I have the Rubrics cube solved. I get close, but there always seems to be a few spots that are a little wonky. Don’t take me wrong. I have had a brilliant life. Ups and downs, lefts when I should have gone right and vice versa; lots of regrets, but just as many No Ragrets too, ha! Come on, that’s funny.


 It seems like right now I’m the busiest I’ve ever been. I hope it makes a difference. It’s so hard to tell. I guess most of the time you’ll never know. Just have to believe in what you’re doing and do it to the best of your ability, then see how it all comes out in the wash.


My biggest thing now is that I want to run away with my family. I want to take my wife and minis and go to the woods, to the water slides, on a plane, on a train, hike, bike, swim, jump off cliffs. I’ve pushed those to far away.


My oldest boys are getting older (go figure) and have been carving out their own place in this world for some time now. My god, it just went by so fast. Baby’s, all them, just like yesterday – and now fine young handsome men with their own trails they are blazing. Feels like they get further and further away. Cause they do, the way they’re supposed to.


So, I’d like to steal them for a while before they get too far away. I’ve always worked and worked and worked, you see. So, a lot things took the back burner, and just when I was getting in a routine I blew it up; our whole world, it was pretty devastating. I thought I’d have taken them up Mt. Rainer, and gone on three day biking trips with them by now, but none of that has happened. Not that we haven’t done awesome things. We have been pretty damn lucky. I just want to make sure that we continue to do awesome things even when they are spread out all over the world. I guess, I need to go make that happen.


You only get this one life with your children. It’s never too late. So go make your stories the way you want to.


Give em Hell today, Terminators.


Hard Times Make Hard People. Live Uncommon.

  • August 15, 2018
  • Ben Seims
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