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9 Line

I’m outside, standing in my driveway. The air is brisk today, and touches my skin like a reassuring old friend. I look up at the dawn skyline, and see the outlines of rolling hills and houses, and see the faint polluted glow of a sunrise against a nearly cloudless sky. I breathe, and breathe, and breathe. Like I haven’t ever tasted this air before; because I haven’t. Today is a new day, and a new chance to make myself a fucking Terminator. Not just any Terminator, a 1984 classic, appear out of a ball of fucking lightening, steal a set of bad ass biker swag, “I’ll be back,” Terminator. Not because I don’t have my issues, but because to get through my issues, and wake up again tomorrow, I need to fight like I’m unstoppable.


I have a lot of friends that are having a hard time these days; seems like a common thread for a great many people. Feeling broken in a system that seems broken. Feeling like it’d be easier to just surrender, go to sleep, and let the exhaustion take over.


Get off your ass. You’re not broken. Yeah, sometimes this shit’s hard. Sometimes it all seems so very insurmountable. It’s not. You are adaptive. You were built that way. It’s hardwired. Stop thinking it is okay to lie down and go to sleep just because someone told you that you’re not in the fight anymore. Stop thinking that you get to roll over because you don’t like what you see on the screens you’ve put yourself behind. Don’t think that because someone told you that you’re broke, told you that your wiring is off under your brain bucket, that you get fall on your ass and surrender to an invisible enemy before you even tried to fight. No, today you’re a bad ass in black leather, with shades that show no fear, and a T-800 frame that’s fucking bullet proof.


Wake up breathing, get out of bed, work your ass off, show up, and surround yourself with other Terminators. Stop worrying about Skynet, and work on the things you have control over. Love those around you, lift some heavy weight, get outside, read a book, write your story, paint naked, run your ass off, create some music, make love with your partner like it’s your first time, and then fall asleep letting your mind and your heart blend together. Weep for what you need to weep for, get it over with, and then crack on. Get rid of your excuses, and make yourself fucking unstoppable.



Hard times make hard people. Live Uncommon.


Ben Seims

  • October 05, 2016
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