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CAUTION- late end of the year reflection follows...

Naturally, it is a great time to reflect, and of course, as with every year prior, I am late at reflecting and still ended up feeling as though I was quite an ignorant human being for another year running– funny how that works. Even so, I have been overly blessed, and beyond lucky. Go figure. Here are some of my best adventures this year.

I got married (September 23rd to be exact) Oh, thank you, it was awesome—for a lot of reasons. You want me to list them; I thought you would never ask.

First, Kelsey (my wife) is a complete Badass. Pretty much in every way that I can imagine someone being a Badass in. She’s smoking hot, freaky intelligent, and looks awesome in a super suit. She’s kind of every Badass character that I grew up with: Laura Croft, Rogue, Trinity, Domino, Jean Grey, Glory, Beverly Crusher, Uhura, Charlie’s Angels, Lethal, Psyloch, Syren, Copycat, Mystique, Wonder Woman, the toned muscular lady in scantly gym clothes on the got milk posters with the milk mustache, yep…I think you get it.

Second, I get to be her partner in crime. Her side kick on expeditions. Her very own hooligan, ready to carry out heroic, or better yet, heinous acts. I get to be by her side for whatever this life has to throw at us, or whatever adventure we choose together, and that’s pretty damn awesome.

Third- we get to raise our minis together. This tribe of little kickass zombie hunters – we get to share them, and that is pretty freaking Rad! I get to watch them grow, watch them interact and learn how to be humans on this rock. I get to go to all their crazy activities, travel to see them when they get older, and watch them all adult together and become their own little lynch pin of crusaders. I get to help teach them how to kill a zombie all-quiet like so as to not attract other zombies. You know all the cool stuff.

Fourth- the world’s coolest peeps came out to party with us. Man, the group that we had-some of the smartest, most passionate, truly gifted people I have ever met got together in one place. It was pretty damn awesome. I don’t really have words that are good enough for what it felt like having such human’s beings to be gathered with. I’m in awe.

And last, but not least, all my boys were there. My oldest, who had recently broke is ankle that required 13 pins and 3 plates, wearing his boot and all, standing up there with me all handsome and debonair. My middle son, the Marine, who swore up and down that he wouldn’t make it, but-conspiring with my now wife and everyone else I know- ninja'd in wearing his blues to walk down the aisle with Kels. And my youngest, who has seen it all with me, the good the bad-the ugly-and the now. They were all there, and as time goes by you just never know how often you’re going to get that.

And that was just the wedding part of the year. I got to travel to the east coast with my son Michael to visit his brother. Kels and I went to Ireland – fucking Rad. Mountain biking, camping, slamming weights with the best crew you could ever hope to slam weights with. Work with best team of nurses, though that kind of changed at the last minute, ha. Moved the gym to our new home. Joined forces with the Uncommon Breed – basically like being asked to join X-force by Cable himself (at least I know what that means). Got to remember how much I love brewing beer. Got to sleep in and wake up next to the most amazing person. Got to enjoy slow mornings over coffee and world changing conversations. Got to see so many friends and family members, and laugh, and love, and remember loss, and gain. I have been too lucky for any one person. Like I said, overly blessed.

This world is ever moving and changing. Some days are good, some days not so much. There is always a tomorrow though -as long as you wake up breathing. Give ‘em Hell today, Terminators!



Hard time make hard people. Live Uncommon.



  • January 26, 2018
  • Ben Seims
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